If you’ve ever been captured by a National Geographic story, you understand wanderlust. You understand my single greatest passion. I love the bright sharp wind in my face in the early morning on a Mongolian plain, the sweep of clouds beneath my outstretched arms on a mountaintop in Peru.

Above all, the bird in my chest sings loudest riding a swift horse at full speed, alongside the zebras and gnu of Africa’s great plains. When I touch the soft muzzle of a camel, or stroke the face of an elephant. I explore and travel and write because I’d like to invite you to challenge the outer boundaries of your world.

Those places that beckon. For you, for me, not only do those places, both out in the world and deep inside our inner worlds, hold great promise.

For many, they also hold great fears. For example, many of us fear success, as we may define it. We fear trying new things. We fear failure and loss. We fear aging, perhaps above all things. We fear losing what we have in the effort to become something more.

We fear letting go of what we know, even if it hurts or limits us, even though to do so would allow something greater to come to us. If you’re afraid of aging, let’s deal head-on with how to dance into our middle and elder years with energy, enthusiasm, humor and hope.

If you’re afraid of trying something new because of failure, let’s explore how failure is the handmaiden of all fully-lived and ecstatic lives. If you want to erase your impossible and live a boundless life on your terms, let’s go there together.

A boundless life is waiting!

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