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Warren Nelson talks about how his year went

Warren's a fellow athletic oldie who comments on my work every so often.

A few hours ago he shared the following on a story I did about fitness. It was so good I had to share it, especially for anyone who thinks "they're too old for this stuff:

"So  in this COVID year, I didn't get to race, except with me, myself and I!  Race prompters all over the country were offering virtual races with a lot of great swag!

I  picked one that gave me from July 1 to December 31 to cover 681.5  miles!

That's less than I would normally run in training so I decided to  go for it. I was about 425 miles into it and then stuff happened and  the doc said, "NO RUNNING!" so I walked and then the doc said "NO  WALKING!"

When I was finally ready to go, I had to run the equivalent of two marathons a week for six weeks to finish the "race!"

Now,  I've done a week or two at that tempo as I was peaking for a race but  I'd not been training for two months! I consulted with my coach and she  said, "Sure! You can do that. Does walking count?"

I assured her it did and then I ran/walked twice a day for the next 6 weeks! finished 250+ miles with three days to spare.

The  first week, I felt like a geriatric rhino. By the third week, I felt  like I was a runner again and by 5th week, I was coasting.

All  that is to say, I turned 69 in the middle of that and celebrated my  47th wedding anniversary and, yeah, the training you've done comes  roaring back.

It takes time and discomfort but it doesn't let you down!

I love this guy.

Warren and I have never met. However he is one of the lights in my writing life, as the online communities of which I'm a part allow me to interact with and enjoy people whose great love of life act like a beacon. Warren runs with friends, some older, whose comments indicate that being in close proximity to this energetic man has helped them come to love the sport as well.

Warren paints brightly colored-wallpaper around himself, and you're invited to the party. Such people are terrific reminders that life only stops when you and I do. He is getting everything he can out of his years, and adding value to those around me.

We should all have such friends, who light a lantern in a dark year, remind us that life doesn't stop or slow down unless we get off the merry-go-round. Warren's among those people who help make things merry as we go around, even when we feel like we're in the final round.

I love finding and sharing the diamonds. I hope you enjoyed this one.

Photo by Austin Neill