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Saga Patreon supporter Penny Nelson says this perfectly. Another great story to make a terribly important point about what we claim and how it can come back to bite us badly if we're not careful.

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For those of us either considering some kind of physical change in our lives, a new program or somesuch, as we age, the natural tendency of most of us is to hang on to some outdated notion of our prowess when we were much younger.

This can be dangerous, if not deadly. When we make overblown claims about what we think we can do based on a body that existed a decade or more ago...hell, two years ago, given quarantine... we can cause ourselves terrible damage. Here's Penny's story:

On my first visit to the gym to meet my new trainer, she put me through my paces. Could I bend like this? Touch my toes? Get my hand up to my shoulder blades? I felt completely exposed - not only my physical shape but the shape I was in. Somewhere down the line, my trainer told me a story about the one and only time she didn't do a complete evaluation of a new client. This client told her in no uncertain terms that he was fully aware of his limitations and didn't need to be evaluated. He explained exactly what he could do. So my trainer started him on a series of exercises based on what he had told her. About half way through the plan for the day, he collapsed on the floor. They called the paramedics and the new client woke up as they were wheeling him out of the gym. He was furious - with the gym, with the trainer, with the paramedics. And he was fine. The only thing injured was his pride.

The lesson, of course, is never believe what anyone says about what great shape they are in. Do the assessment and know for sure. So check that video of the crazy old lady flying across the Egyptian desert on horseback, watch carefully on the first hike to make sure all is well. On one side be prepared. On the other side be cautiously watchful. That way everyone can have a great time. (author bolded)

I am a huge fan of anyone's willingness to get in better shape. I am NOT a fan of ending up in the ER because of an overblown ego, which I see all the time in the adventure world.

(And by the way, a side note to Karen, who has asked when she's going to see photos from my adventures (she spoke to my social media guy). You will. I have likely 200k of them, utterly and totally in confusion, thanks to Geek Squad, and I am constantly irritated to DEATH that I cannot find the right ones for my stories. That is a big issue for me, we're working on it, kindly be patient. They are coming. that is a huge project that we've been working on for more than a year and I am committed to it. Thanks for your patience.)

As for the rest of us, I recently met a lovely woman who is an all-around life and health coach, whose input I have requested for the latest story coming out later this week about how to integrate more exercise and movement into our lives without a gym membership.

You could get a farm, like Penny, but that's not likely for most of us. Kindly stay tuned, that story is in progress. One of my interviews just came through last night and I am awaiting Nurit's input which will focus more on women, especially as we age.

Above all, it pays to tell the truth about where we are in our journey. I can have a very high opinion of my prowess, which is sometimes sideswiped by reality, which means that I have plenty of comedy material. Which is why I am sitting here writing this with a back brace on because of last Sunday's eight-mile hike, which caused me to collapse on the couch. Said couch was unkind to said back, so now I am dealing with The Twinge.

Not without humor, mind you. But LOTS of muscle cream and giggles.

It pays to be willing to be humbled regularly.

Photo by Benigno Hoyuela / Unsplash