Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Last night I got up about 1 am, very hungry for something sweet.

There was a brand new carton of Haagen-Daaz strawberry in my freezer.

I never have ice cream, but this was New Year’s Eve.

(This is the very reason I never have ice cream in the house)

What the hey. I pulled it out, grabbed a spoon. Sat on the couch. In the dark.

Tried my damnedest to get a spoonful out.

I really wanted that strawberry ice cream.

Nothing doing. I poked and prodded. Couldn’t make a dent.

I put it back in the freezer. Padded wearily back to bed. Screw it.

So today I pulled it out for dessert.

There’s a very tight white piece of plastic across the top. A few deep spoon dents in it. I had tried.

Who knew they made tamper-proof (adult-proof) ice cream containers?

Couldn’t see it in the dark.


(Of course, not buying the ice cream in the first damn place works even better.)

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash