Warren (left) and his history teacher from high school, from Warren Nelson

One hundred and fifty years of experience, possibly sprinkled with a little dementia, run the 50th Portland Marathon

Warren (70) and his high school history teacher (80), whom he credits with kicking him out of class on more than one occasion, ran into each other (literally and figuratively) last weekend in Portland. I stole his quote for the subtitle, above, about the dementia. He doesn't have it. Not by any stretch.

What I love, just LOVE, about being a writer on this platform is this: readers like Warren fire me photos and stories which absolutely underscore the story line that there is  a future for us devoid of crippling illness and being bedridden IF we are willing to put the time and dime into our health starting NOW.

Warren runs very long races. Every so often he will share a time for a recent race, which reminds me that as soon as I get better from my upcoming foot surgery I have some new Hokas to break in. At the very least, serious hiking to do.  Folks like Warren are that part of my circle which consistently remind me that I can't stop, I can't get lazy.

It isn't about working until there is pain. That's just punishment.

It's about staying active. That's been harder with all the injuries and surgeries, and I still have three to go. But I also have a workout plan even with a foot down. The weights are in my open closet where I can watch my form while balancing on my scooter.

People like Warren are my motivation. There is always someone doing something amazing, something remarkable, something I admire because their actions fly in the fact of the societal attack on us grey-hairs.

Want a future? Invest in one. Put the effort, which is life's money, into improving your diet and your workouts. You will have times when it's hard. Penny Nelson wrote me recently that she's been backsliding a bit, which happens to every single one of us. We're allowed. And when we do backslide, that is when those who love us the most remind us of the path we chose.

The high road, the hard road, and the one that pays off so well. Penny's honesty, Warren's endless determination, and all the stories that you share with me are part of how we all get motivated, get focused, give ourselves permission to fall into the ditch and get back up again, and face the future with courage.

What will be your story? I can't wait to hear it.

Crossing yet another swing bridge in New Zealand.  These are everywhere and just beg to have photos taken of them.  At least this one was in some interesting lighting…
Photo by Tyler Lastovich / Unsplash

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