Photo by Todd Cravens / Unsplash

I didn't get et by a vampire bat.

For my Saga Supporters and Saga Readers, Patreon kicked me out of their system for some unknown reason. My social media guru is currently on a much-deserved vacay and is back after this weekend, so I can't do any private posts via Patreon until I get that sorted out.

Tried a great many fixes but this is over my paygrade. Whatever happened needs a better brain for tech than mine, and since Patreon canned any kind of human customer service, their email service is now at least two weeks behind.

That's not service, but don't get me started.

At any rate I ask Dear Reader for patience as I try to get this sorted out. I will continue to post on Walkabout, but for now Patreon is treating me like an outsider and I can't write any private posts. Please accept my apologies.