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Here are a few good reads for those of us who panic when we go to the basement and can't recall why

With thanks to supporter NancyL, I was inspired to get this out for all of us, not just because I forget things all the time but also because it's normal. We all do it, at all ages. I might offer that we are a lot more frightened when forgetfulness shows up late in life so that we pin different meaning to it, but please read on.

Here are a few good reads (this is a lot less painful than typing at the moment):

7 common causes of forgetfulness - Harvard Health
Memory slips are aggravating, frustrating, and sometimes worrisome. When they happen more than they should, they can trigger fears of looming dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. But there...

I particularly like this one:

Misremembering Might Actually Be a Sign Your Memory Is Working Optimally
Errors don’t necessarily mean your mind is faulty. They may actually be a sign of a cognitive system with limited capacity working efficiently.

as well as this:

How Memory ‘Clutter’ Makes It Harder to Remember Things as We Get Older
Forgetfulness is often regarded as a sign of old age. But what exactly is going on in the brain that makes it more difficult for older people to remember things?

and this from Saga supporter NancyL:

Whether You’re 18 or 80, Lifestyle May Be More Important Than Age in Determining Dementia Risk - Neuroscience News
Lifestyle may be more important than age in determining a person’s cognitive function and future dementia risks, a new study reports.

Nancy's favorite quote from the article:

“All in all, our research shows that you have the power to decrease your risk of cognitive decline and dementia,” says Dr. LaPlume. “Start addressing any risk factors you have now, whether you’re 18 or 90, and you’ll support your brain health to help yourself age fearlessly.”

I agree. As I work my way back from yet another surgerey I am constantly reminded that the swiftness with which my faculties return has everything to do with diet, to which all of you can attest, and movement.

Above all, intention.

To that, then, I continue to pack and stack like a banshee even with one hand fully down, if for no other reason than we are moving to put the house on the market before summer is out. The local teams are booked out and available help is scarce. I can attest in every possible way that the constant movement, up and down the stairs, the lifting and stacking are forcing blood and oxygen through my body and brain.

One of you kindly mentioned that I must have one helluva surgeon to be up so fast. I do- however it is as much or even more so our job to do the work to be fit heading into surgery so that the body is eager to get well.

As a further gift to those of us who are well aware that the shores to our next adventure are coming into sight, here is a story that inspired me to purchase the book mentioned in this NPR piece:

NPR Cookie Consent and Choices

The book is After, by Dr Bruce Greyson. I am finding it full of hope, which is a fine thing in the face of so many bad headlines. It is indeed a banquet for those wanting better news about what may be next.

I have to give my hand a rest so will leave you with this reading selection. Warmest possible thanks to those of you sending in ideas, and as always thank you for your comments.

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