A sculpted tree, Lincoln city Julia Hubbel

If you want an education in how to see things, have an artist visit you. Here is the visual treat that my friend Soni just sent.

I am forever humbled by those whose talents far outstrip and eclipse my own. Above, what I saw. Below, what Sonja saw.

this is what delighted my friend Soni about my home and neighbors (turkeys) Sonja Motley-Turman

Sonja's home is decorated in these shades of green, which is one reason they were so pleasing to her eye.

Then there's our trip up and down the coast:

Day one in the sun, Sonja Motley-Turman

We saw a couple of bald eagles on the way but my photos were terrible. Still, what a treat. And so is this:

How Sonja sees nature Sonja Motley-Turman

My friends are my teachers in so many more ways than just their kindness. Friends really do teach us how to see differently.

There are few greater gifts.