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Walkabout Saga

You were born with a wanderer’s soul. An insatiable thirst for life beyond the boundaries. A curiosity. You don’t want just to read. You want to See. Touch. Explore. Experience.

How Well Will You Recover? The Secret Psychology of the Perfect Physician

On finding that perfect fit for your particular lifestyle. These worked for me, and why I fought to keep them

How to Train to Be Old, Strong and Competent: Start Today

Are you ready for the one single thing you can't stop? Here are some ideas on how to prepare for when you're down.

How To Become Your Own Top Gun: Living The Maverick Life

Is the dream really all that? As with all things, it depends. Some thoughts on living the overdrive life

Why You Should Be Careful With Your Mannheim Steamroller Music this Holiday Season

I'm just saying here. Watch what you listen to when the season starts

How to Let Life Choose You: Why Letting Go is So Terrifying

The holiday starts early at my house, and it's full of reflection

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