Walkabout Saga

You were born with a wanderer’s soul. An insatiable thirst for life beyond the boundaries. A curiosity. You don’t want just to read. You want to See. Touch. Explore. Experience.

You Can't Be 62.

You're absolutely right. I'm not 62. I'm 68.

How to Write Your Future Into Fact: Four Secrets to Living Your Dream Life

How I foretold and determined my life. So can you.

I did 120 Men's Pushups On My 68th Birthday.

I gave myself a gift. A big one.

I Call Myself a “Horizon Huntress.” Okay. What’s That Supposed to Mean?

An ode to self-serving, silly titles, and some that are well-earned

This Exhausts Me. But There’s No Way to Stop It.

Not a rant about the riot. This is a rant about a diot (that was on purpose, you grammarians)