Walkabout Saga

You were born with a wanderer’s soul. An insatiable thirst for life beyond the boundaries. A curiosity. You don’t want just to read. You want to See. Touch. Explore. Experience.

(My) Home for the Holidays

There’s no place like home. I’m getting there, but it’s not really mine.

How to Become a True Influencer

Well, okay, truth? I have no idea. No. Wait, yes I do. Stay tuned.

Seeking the Holy Grail of Sex After Sixty for Singles? Bring a Raincoat.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't all shrivel up and fall off after fifty. However, there are some considerations if you plan on getting horizontal.

How to Untangle Your Tongue and Swiftly Expand Your Community of Genuine Friends

Conversation doesn't always come naturally, but learning to converse can reverse loneliness and isolation. Here's how.

How "Training for Surgery" Can Be Hugely Successful As You Go Grey

Ten days ago I had rotator cuff surgery. Already, I am ready for the gym. Here's how that works.

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