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You were born with a wanderer’s soul. An insatiable thirst for life beyond the boundaries. A curiosity. You don’t want just to read. You want to See. Touch. Explore. Experience.

You're a "Natural"

Photo by Hayley Kim Design on UnsplashAnd other lies that people press upon usOne of the fastest ways you and I can make asses out of ourselves, so goes the old joke, is when you and I ass-ume things about other folks. Truth is, we have no clue about their lives, their battles, their issues or what comes naturally. The

How Perpetuating Myths About Aging Sets Us Up to Fail Later in Life

Poor advice from folks who should know betterThe older you get, the less you can do, the fatter you get. It's inevitable. It's a swift downhill after forty. I've been hearing this nonsense my entire life. There is a massive wellness industrial complex which stands to gain a great deal if you and I buy into this crap. With that,

Linda Did It. So Can You.

Photo by Miguel Bruna / UnsplashAssuming you have access to and can afford decent food, that is... you can do this. Recently I wrote a story about sugar, and how insidiously it is inserted into our diets. How it's everywhere and in everything processed. The effects both short and long term on us and our bodies and health, and the devastating

Sweetest Ending of All

I cannot live without my sweets.

Muscle Turns to Fat, Fat turns to Muscle

And other terrible misconceptions about our bodies, which even our health professionals still believe